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Where anyone can sell their knowledge!

Go to Members directory and click on report as seen below:

First, choose and review the Service package here, then contact Seller, send them a private message.  DO NOT ORDER a package before you contact a Seller.  Once you have contacted Seller and have mutually agreed on purchasing a Service, then the Buyer adds funds to their wallet as seen below: 

Click the deposit button to deposit funds. Once you add funds to charge your wallet, you will be redirected to checkout to PayPal.   

The funds will be held for deposit until you are satisfied and complete the purchase. 

Contact the Seller and let them know you have made a deposit; and this starts the Freelance or Tutoring Services of the ongoing process with the Seller by messaging as seen below: 

Talk Buzz Tutor can only guarantee a safe process through its website.   

If the Buyer and Seller decides to do business outside of Talk Buzz Tutor we will not assist with refunds if anything goes wrong; and you could banned from Talk Buzz Tutor. 

Sellers can price their Packages anywhere starting from $5 and up to the maximum price for that particular Skillset.  Tip: Start out low, but Sellers should price their package to compensate for Admin fee of 5% and PayPal fees of  2.2%.

When Buyers purchase Services, they pay Talk Buzz Tutor, the funds will be held for deposit upon completion of a Service package.  

The funds are immediately transferred in the Sellers wallet after a Service is complete. The funds are deposited into the Sellers wallet for withdrawal, and will have a pending status as seen below:

Once the Seller request a withdrawal this process notifies the admin that the Seller has put in a request to withdraw funds. 

Minimum to withdraw is $5 dollars.

The funds remain under a "pending" status for 1 to 14-day clearing period. 

New PayPal accounts can take up to 21 days for clearing.

This timeline is for financial processing and buyer satisfaction guarantee.

Go to dashboard->Payouts

Buyers can cancel the Services instead of completing it as seen below:

If for any reason the Buyer is not satisfied with the service, they don’t have to complete that order, they can cancel the Order, and cancelling an Order automatically creates a dispute on that Order, as seen below:

Buyers and Sellers have separate profiles than Community profile.   

When a Buyer and Seller register with Talk Buzz Tutor they are automatically logged on to the Buyers dashboard.   The Buyers and Sellers profile information is located in the dashboard.   The Community profile is located at the top right bar as seen below:

Sellers and Buyers must have a PayPal account before they can initiate a purchase

Create a PayPal account, if you don’t have one click here.   

Make sure that you use the same email address that you register with Talk Buzz Tutor with PayPal because that’s how you get paid.  

PayPal requires you to link a bank account, credit or debit card in order to setup an account where your money will automatically get credited into your account.  

Your PayPal account is how you get paid for your services.

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