Amazon – RDS

Online Course
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Section 1
Lecture 1Amazon - RDS
Lecture 2Amazon RDS - Overview
Lecture 3Amazon RDS - Environment
Lecture 4Amazon RDS - Interfaces
Lecture 5Amazon RDS - DB Instances
Lecture 6Amazon RDS - DB Storages
Lecture 7Amazon RDS - MS SQL features
Lecture 8Amazon RDS - MS SQL Creating DB
Lecture 9Amazon RDS - MS SQL Connecting to DB
Lecture 10Amazon RDS - MS SQL DB Export Import
Lecture 11Amazon RDS - MS SQL DB with SSL
Lecture 12Amazon RDS - MS SQL DBA Tasks
Lecture 13Amazon RDS - Oracle Features
Lecture 14Amazon RDS - Oracle Creating DB
Lecture 15Amazon RDS - Oracle Connecting to DB
Lecture 16Amazon RDS - Oracle DB Data Import
Lecture 17Amazon RDS - Oracle DBA Tasks
Lecture 18Amazon RDS - MariaDB Features
Lecture 19Amazon RDS - MariaDB Creating DB
Lecture 20Amazon RDS - MariaDB Connecting to DB
Lecture 21Amazon RDS - MariaDB Data Import
Lecture 22Amazon RDS - PostgreSQL Features
Lecture 23Amazon RDS - PostgresSQL creating DB
Lecture 24Amazon RDS - PostgreSQL Connecting to DB
Lecture 25Amazon RDS - PostgreSQL Data Import
Lecture 26Amazon RDS - MySQL Features
Lecture 27Amazon RDS - MySQL Creating DB
Lecture 28Amazon RDS - MySQL Connecting to DB
Lecture 29Amazon RDS - MySQL DB Export Import
Lecture 30Amazon RDS - MySQL DBA Tasks
Lecture 31Amazon RDS - Multi-AZ Deployments
Lecture 32Amazon RDS - DB Snapshots
Lecture 33Amazon RDS - DB Monitoring
Lecture 34Amazon RDS - Event Notifications
Lecture 35Amazon RDS - DB Access Control

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