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My name is Naomi Bollinger

My last job was in 2014. A car accident retired me.  I developed this website as a hobby.

I made over $80 dollars an hour working in the Tech industry as a database expert and software engineer, my skills were sought after.

The thing with knowing your stuff– you can set your own salary, and employers are willing to pay. There is no discrimination or gender bias when you know your stuff!

Now I am offering my knowledge for a small fee in tutoring and services, because I want to give back.

Let’s face it, everyone dreams of being rich, and working for themselves.  If you are tired of spending money on influencers and your brand goes nowhere but making THEM more money.

I want YOU to be successful too! That’s why I created a website called Talk Buzz Tutor for everyone who has skills to sell their own knowledge.

I will do personal coaching on how you can get in the Tech industry without a degree, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey nor Mark Zuckerberg finished college and they are all billionaires! All you need is talent and skills.

Before I retired, I held a Top Secret/FBI Poly clearance.

I had the luxury of setting my own hours — and worked from home before it became popular.

My expertise is the following:

SQL Database Developer

MS Access Developer

Client Server development

SQL Server DBA

Oracle Developer






Visual Basic

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Talk Buzz Tutor

Talk Buzz Tutor

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